80% Cashmere/ 20% Silk Pashmina - Violet Orchid



A jewel among pashmina shawls – this blend of cashmere and silk has the best of two worlds: it is lightweighted, ultra soft and has a beautiful lustrous appearance. Handmade of only the finest cashmere and purest silk, this violet orchid pashmina shawl is all you want. Choose this all feminine violet orchid shawl, which intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination!

  • Fabric:
    80% Cashmere/20% Silk
  • Color:
    Violet Orchid
  • Size:
    70cm x 200cm
  • Weight:
    100 grams
  • Comes with:
    Chyangra Pashmina Trademark

Also available in the following colors: