Black Pashminas 

In the world of luxury a black pashmina cannot miss out. It's one of those wardrobe essentials that every woman should own. And once you have experienced the wonderful attributes of true cashmere, you don't want to go without. Browse our exclusive collection of black pashminas handmade of the finest quality. Choose one of these fashionable accessories and be wrapped in style!

Are you looking for a black pashmina? At you will find what you are looking for. Discover our selection of black pashminas of pure cashmere as well as cashmere and silk blends. These shawls are handwoven and manually dipped into a dye bath. Caviar Black is the tone. Imagine on how many occasions you could use a black pashmina shawl: to complete your evening attire, for your daily professional outfits or as a warm wrap on a cozy night. Easily folded into your handbag, you can bring it along on one of your travels. A black cashmere pashmina is always a tasteful and convenient solution. Shop now and choose a black pashmina for true comfort and style.