Purple Pashminas 

Purple is one of those attractive and captivating colors most women adore. Have a look at our fine collection of purple pashminas and select the hue of you liking. Violet Orchid is our top color: it blooms with confidence, fascinating to the eye and sparking the imagination. Or you might be looking for a deep and rich Maroon, a charming tone which matches perfectly with your blacks and greys.

Shop purple pashmina shawls – handwoven of the finest cashmere. These luxury pieces are super soft, breathable, lightweighted and very pleasant to wear. Once you have experienced the amazing attributes of a cashmere shawl, you don't want to go without. At PurePashminas.com we offer you a collection of beautiful purple cashmere pashminas ranging from a soft pastel to a dark maroon. Purple is a color easy to pull off: without much effort you can make exciting combinations. Going out for the night? Drape a purple pashmina on a trendy dress and you will surely get that eye-catching result. Whether you prefer a classic, trendy, or casual look, these charming purple pashmina shawls will definitely add some flavour! Shop now and buy online the color that works for you.