Orange Pashminas 

Looking for something new? Spice up your wardrobe with an orange pashmina! A warm and vibrant hue bringing a sense of excitement to your outfit. Celosia Orange was chosen as one of the fashion trend colors of 2014 and we understand why. This optimistic and cheery hue boosts your confidence. It is the perfect spring/summer color as it complements many skin tones, as well as vivid summery shades.

Are you tired of your everyday outfits? You can easily transform a boring outfit into a spectacular one, just by using the right accessory. Consider an orange pashmina, handmade of the finest cashmere. Its feel is incredibly soft and warm, making it a comfortable wrap whenever you feel a little cold. The ways to accessorize with this fashionable shawl are numerous. You can use it as an accent color among dark tones. For a striking result, wear an orange pashmina on a black blazer and pants. Or drape it over your evening attire: it will make you look great. Whether you like trendy, classic or casual, this beautiful pashmina will definitely add flavour to your outfit! Are you ready to enliven your look? Wrap yourself in style with an orange pashmina – anywhere, anytime.